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Community Outreach Programs

    Caring as a Community.....
    Caring as professionals......
  • Lawyers collaboration and Personal Directives/Goals of Care education
  • Physician orientation and advocacy
  • EMS Assess, Treat, and Refer working group
  • Stakeholder continuing education funding

    Caring with the pros......
  • No One Dies Alone (Strathmore Hospital)
  • Community, Home Care, and Rural Palliative Team partnerships
  • University of Calgary Cummings School of medicine research project

Bedside Respite Program

Mountains cannot be surmounted except by winding paths
Living with a life-limiting illness is tough for loved ones as well as the patient.  But we’re here to offer practical, emotional, and spiritual support.

  • A local, trained palliative volunteer, often someone from your own community
  • Day or evening visits in your home or Strathmore Hospital
  • Allows family caregivers a chance to rest and rejuvenate

In the Community, the Bedside Respite Program is only available for clients in the Rural Palliative Home Care program, and is initiated at the recommendation of the Rural Palliative Care nurse.
In the hospital, please request Bedside Respite Program at the Acute Care Desk.

Palliative Navigation

Asking and Accepting Help”
“Recognizing and offering help”

Not wanting to be a burden, wishes for privacy and wanting to be seen as capable and coping are common reasons people refuse help. Let the Palliative Navigation Program create some opportunities for you!

  • A local, trained palliative volunteer who knows your community
  • Identifies support needs for you and your caregivers
  • Maps social networks and plans for collaborative care
  • Matches people in your community with tasks during different periods of your care

A referral to the Palliative Navigation Program can be done by calling 403-934-8199 or through a medical provider (MD office, Homecare, or Strathmore Hospital Acute Care Desk).

Download "Wheatland Palliative Navigation Referral Form.pdf"

Mycare navigation resources

Dying2Learn Wheatland

Life and Death matters”  “Deadly Serious”  “Over My Dead Body”

Speaker’s Series
Presents quality and compassionate education to patients , families, and the community . Lectures to begin Fall 2018, and occur every two or three months.

Support Groups
Monthly facilitated gatherings discussion various topics about death, dying and palliative care. Coming fall 2019.

Creating Compassionate Communities

Dying can be lonely and isolating for a patient and family.

How can we as a community become more comfortable helping those who are dying? The idea of “Increasing a Community’s Capacity to Care” is currently being studied by Dr. Martin LaBrie at the University of Calgary Cummings School of Medicine, and our hospice society is honoured to have been chosen to participate in his research.

Do you need help caring for a loved one?